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Philip E. Marucci Center for Blueberry & Cranberry Research

Cranberries in hand
Aerial photo of the PE Marucci Center
Aerial photo of a bog at the PE Marucci Center


The Philip E. Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research and Extension is a substation of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) of Rutgers University located in Chatsworth, NJ (Burlington County).

The center's goals are to:

  1. Ensure the continued production and availability of high-quality blueberries and cranberries through basic and applied research;
  2. Minimize the use of pesticides in the culture of these two crops;
  3. Maintain research programs to study the health benefits of phytochemicals in cranberries and blueberries;
  4. Investigate causes and controls of diseases that affect blueberries and cranberries.

The United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) program in cooperation with NJAES at the Center offers the opportunity to realize these goals.