• Breeding:   Nicholi Vorsa

  • Entomology:   Cesar Rodriguez-Saona

  • Health Benefits of Plant Products:   Amy Howell

  • Plant Pathology:   Peter Oudemans

    Developments and Publications    

    American Cranberry Growers' Association: Meeting Abstracts (PDF)



  • Cranberry Pollination: An Overview - Rachael Winfree, Pollination Ecologist
  • NACREW Proceedings 2007 (PDF 318k)
  • Seasonal Life-history and Management Strategies for Blueberry Gall Midge and Thrips in Highbush Blueberry - Rodriguez-Saona (MS Word 83k)
  • Winter-Hardiness and Deacclimation Behavior of Diverse Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) Genotypes Under Field Conditions - Ehlenfeldt (MS Word 37k)
  • Baits & Beneficial Arthropods in a Reduced-Risk IPM Program - Rodriguez-Saona and Polk
    (MS Word 34k)
  • Sex, Traps and Timing - Progress in Blueberry IPM - Polk, Rodriguez-Saona, and Holdcraft
    (MS Word 201k)
  • Organoleptic Analysis of Blueberry Cultivars - Polashock, Saftner and Ehlenfeldt (MS Word 31k)
  • Segregating Blueberry Populations for Mummy Berry Fruit Rot Resistance - Polashock and Vorsa (MS Word 21k)
  • Concepts Pertaining to Yield in Blueberry - Ehlenfeldt  (MS Word 20k)
  • Susceptibility of Blueberry Cultivars to Fruit and Foliage Infection by Anthracnose (Colletotrichum Acutatum) - Ehlenfeldt (MS Word 39k)
  • Stem Blight and Phomopsis Resistance in Blueberry - Polashock (MS Word 437k)