Principal Investigator: Cesar Rodriguez-Saona


If you are excited about basic and applied insect ecology with emphasis on multi-trophic level interactions, and if you are highly motivated and hard working, and would like to pursue a MS or Ph.D in my lab, I encourage you to contact me, by clicking on my name above.

Robert Holdcraft  – M.S. student (2012 to present)

Rob studies mating disruption of Noelthe
oriental beetle in blueberries. He is also testing novel attract-and- kill approaches for oriental beetle control.

Email: Rob Holdcraft

Caryn MichelM.S. student (2014-present)

Caryn Caryn Michelis studying the response of
spotted wing drosophila (SWD), a new invasive pest
of blueberries, to fruit volatiles to identify fruit-based attractants for this pest. 
She is also working on the development of attract-and-kill approaches to manage SWD.

Email: Caryn Michel




Nakorn Pradit – Ph.D. student (2015-present)

Nakorn is studying the interactions between virus-infected blueberry plants and their aphid vector in a tri-trophic context. He will examine Jordano Salamancathe preference and performance of aphids on virus (scorch)-infected plants, evaluate the consumptive and non-consumptive effects of predatory insects (lady beetles) on the dispersion of aphids, and study the interactions among plants, vectors, and natural enemies in a natural habitat.





Diego Fraga – (co-advised with Dr. Antonio Carlos Busoli). Ph.D. student (2012-2016)

Jordano Salamanca – (co-advised with Dr. Brigida Souza). Ph.D. student (2013-2016)

Matthew Strom – M.S. non-thesis, Ecology and Evolution, Rutgers University (2012-2017)