Edward V. Lipman
    Edward V. Lipman is well known in Rutgers circles and is fondly remembered by the agricultural, and especially, the cranberry communities of New Jersey. His service to New Jersey agriculture is exemplified by his tenure as president of the New Jersey Agricultural Society, and as president of the New Jersey State Board of Agriculture. All who knew Lipman quickly came to realize his dedication to the cranberry industry and the farmers' Edward Lipmancooperative which came to be known as Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. His contributions to Ocean Spray over a 32-year career helped build it into the $1.4 billion company it is today.

Upon his retirement from Ocean Spray in 1977, Lipman was immediately named to the company's Board of Directors. His passion for this native crop is reflected in his book entitled, "Labor of Love: My Life's Work with Cranberries and Ocean Spray." He also farmed, buying and leasing cranberry bogs, building a business known as Jeffrey's Branch Cranberry Company. Perhaps his conviction for his life's work is best demonstrated by his support and enthusiasm for the NJAES Center, which he affectionately called "Oswego." Truly a visionary, he is one of the founders of the New Jersey Blueberry and Cranberry Research Council, of which he served as treasurer for more than ten years.

Throughout its existence, the Research Council has provided more than $600,000 to support research being conducted at the Center. Lipman, a 1933 graduate of the Rutgers College of Agriculture, maintained a family tradition of life-long loyalty and support for Rutgers serving on the Rutgers Board of Trustees for many years. He was named to the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni in 1995.